April 2, 2012

First weekend, motor is in.

Prepped and installed the motor this weekend.

Nachi pilot bearing barely had any grease at all. I repacked it nicely after this pic.

Installed timing belt and tentioner, new seals were already done when I got the motor. Also put the new Ross crank pulley and belt. Installed the jzx81 motor mounts with a tiny bit of trimming for the turbo oil feed hardline to clear. Installed the trans an wired up the trans wires. Ready to rock and roll.

When I picked up the motor I remembered that the pan was a bit dented so I took it off and popped out the dent, checked the oil pickup was still ok and reinstalled it with some high temp silicone. Motor dropped in like nothing.

Next long weekend it will be running, and maybe have time to work on the aero.