March 31, 2012

If the cressida is almost done, it must be 2012.

(Harness near completion last night.)

The never ending story (aka the cressida) is finally going to be finished. Over the next three weekends.

I have to get it done ASAP due to my dad selling his house and shop where I go to work on the car, I need to be able to get it done before May.

Last night was the harness. Sorted out completely, lengthened about 8" and I used an S14 body harness plug to feed the whole thing for easy removal. Just need to finish the transmission wires on the motor once the harness is installed.

Plans involve driving the car within about 4 weeks.

- Motor gets prepped, goes in.
- DP to old (new) exhaust
- Fuel lines
- Power steering lines
- Clutch line
- Driveshaft
- Rad
- IC pipes
- Wire up the interior harness end (relays, gauges, etc)
- Get it running / driving
- Bodywork (fit and paint aero)
- Legal stuff, emissions, insurance, registration.