June 15, 2012

I sunk your battleship.

My woman needs some spacers for her '97 ST202 Limited.

Funny I just realized the number of Toyotas in the driveway now. Sort of wish the Celica mutated into an ST205 with OZ gravel wheels and red flaps haha.

The 430 is also still suffering from battleship syndrome while I use up the  235/45/17 Advan Sport tires this summer. New wheels, tires and proper suspension for it are always on the back burner.

I really haven't seen one 2GS, especially silver, that looked good with wheels, even extreme setups don't look good to me. I must be bored of stance/vip/etc wheel setups since the roads in Ottawa are so terrible. I'm thinking about getting the OEM wheels sent out to be widened into a 9/10 stagger and meating them up with some decent 255/40 and 275/35 tires. Then get some proper coils and get an alignment. It will look stock, but work well.