February 27, 2013


DBS isn't dead. I'm just making it through winter.

Took the GS430 to Tampa. Ottawa to St. Petersburg/Treasure Island and back. 5550kms on the 255/40/17 snowtires. roughly 25-26mpg. Now I need to change the oil.. and I got a minor exhaust leak. My mind is wandering towards a custom stainless exhaust.

Some serious interest in my Cressida again with spring around the corner. Plans to continue to make the car the way I want to keep it in my driveway.

Possibilities include:

Sort out the strange timing belt issue, a proper tune (mostly a tweak) and forget about that. 

New tires. 245/40/17 Bridgestone RE760's. On the R33 GTR Wheels.

Maybe swapping out the ATS Deftforce 2-way for a normal diff. 

Attempt to find a softer handling setting for the coilovers. Maybe swap a local guy for softer rates.

Maybe a lip. Something OEM-ish. Hopefully not MA70.

Basically looking to bring the car further into the simple JZX81 feel with the bonus of a tuned VVT-i motor. And actually drive it more.

turn this:


The best I can hope for. Maybe even get that gloss if I have time for another layer of clearcoat.