February 5, 2012

More progress on the GS.

The GS is taking on a new form now. I love it. Tanabe DF springs are on and it's just how I wanted. Not too stiff for daily cruising to work, but not too soft for quick maneuvers. I'd rather have a grip setup that actually works then a half-rediculous drifting hardcore setup on a car that isn't going to see tracktime. This is the only setup I feel fine with for winter use, and Ottawa has some of the worst roads in the universe. Also did a ridiculously overkill oilspray rustproofing job on it.

I seriously think the R33 wheels look cool. Yeah a bit small, but with chunky 255/40 tires they are mighty!

Also scored a silver GS400 AutoArt diecast the other day. I had to laugh when I realized it's low too haha, even Autoart knew the car should be lower.