May 24, 2011

Updates. Updates..

new 18" wheels came in. they are getting painted. hate the matte black with silver accents blehh. needs more pearl light grey metallic. yeah, clearcoat came out pebbley, needs 1200 grit and a polish before that gets shiny, but there is tons of clear on the car so it'll look great once it's buffed.

a heater core! been a while since one of those has been in there. i even found a perfect complete jzx81 heater hose setup on my spare 1j. super handy.

reclocked the turbo correctly. no more oiling worries.

car is slowly making it's transition to softcore daily cruiser. i want this car to be able to go on long roadtrips without one problem. same concept as my klze protege that took me to florida last winter. no scetchy stuff, just proven goodness all around. including the factory seats for long seat time comfort. i can have my recaro spg ready to bolt in for track duty anytime i want.